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MAGA Guy and Biden Bro: Meet Your New Roommate

Local columnist Emily Keefer writes a piece on political opinion, civility, and calls us all to consider what we would do if we had to live with someone with opposing viewpoints. Take a look at what she wrote here.

“If We Are All in This Together, Why Can’t We Get Along?”

When it comes to COVID-19, it is often said “we’re all in this together.” But if we are in together, why can’t we get along? The Stubblefield Institute asked this question to two members of its Board of Advisors, Peter Loge and Kelly Johnston, and two Shepherd University students, Mikayla Hambrick and Jordan Jalil. Read about their diverse answers here.

Streaming Politics and (Un)civil Discourse

The Stubblefield Institute teamed up with the Communication department of Shepherd University to bring you the political film and television suggestions from Professor Jason McKahan of Shepherd University. See his suggestions here.

Polarization: What Everyone Needs to Know by Nolan McCarthy: Review

Our Student Research assistant dove into the words of Nolan McCarthy to explore polarization. See her review of the book here.

Uncivil Agreement: How Politics Became Our Identity

Our student research assistant dives into how politics has become our identity in this book analysis!

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February 3rd~ Talking Politics in an Angry America

Our student research assistant gives a thoughtful wrap up to our American Conversation Series Event: Talking Politics in an Angry America.

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Disrespectful Democracy: A Book Analysis

We recommend this book because it provides a fully grounded psychological perspective of incivility that has been lacking in the discussion of incivility in politics. Disrespectful Democracy does a great job in contributing to the discussion, such as why some people engage in incivility and why some people tend to shy away from it. This book appeals to the academic who wants to see the research done to back up claims, and provides in depth information about the research done, as well as the casual or curious person who wants to know more about incivility.

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An Article from the Atlantic

We recommend this article because of what the article does for the reader. The reader is given an explanation as to why this divide has occurred in American politics and Applebaum does this clear and easy to follow, not packed in research-heavy language.

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