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The Stubblefield Institute for Civil Political Communications at Shepherd University places a high value on constructive debate and fact-based public discussion.

In political campaigns, we advocate messages focused on issues and not personal attacks and name-calling. At the risk of sounding like optimistic dreamers, we believe it is a mission worth pursuing. Unfortunately, the current Republican primary campaign for Congress in West Virginia’s new Second District, both incumbent candidates — Alex Mooney and David McKinley — have disappointed and would get F’s for civility.

For those following this campaign, the candidates apparently neither like nor respect the other. This seems strange for two men from the same state who share virtually identical conservative voting records. Ads and direct mail from both campaigns and the PACs that support them demonstrate they have taken a “win-at-any-cost” approach with messages laced with half-truths, out of context claims, and embellished facts.

Source: The Journal