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Lynch Christian

Lynch ChristianAt least in Mr. Gochenour’s example of decreasing density, that raises costs and those costs are passed right from the developer to the end consumer. There’s no room for developers to eat the costs, much like in any business that you run those costs get passed to the end consumer, so the cost of housing goes up. There are fewer people who are able to afford to buy and probably there are more rental communities or perhaps more multifamily communities that develop because of that. As far as the demographics that we’re fostering here in the panhandle, I think we’re all trying to figure that out and figure out that balance. As Hans said in his introduction, we’re the one part of the state that is having positive net migration. And, you know, why is it that we’re getting this positive net migration? A lot of people believe that it is strictly because of I-81 and the growth in industry that we have here but we have a lot of retirees who also chose to move out of northern VA or out of D.C. or Maryland for more affordable, and in some people’s opinion, a better quality of life out here in the Eastern Panhandle. It’s going to be difficult to answer that question moving forward as developers and developing our projects so that we have a mixed-use component of different types of houses at different price points and suiting different people’s needs.

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