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Jim Ouelett

Jim OuelletIf you peel away a lot of the things and say, “Why are we growing?”, it’s for one reason and one reason only—and that’s route 81. It’s all about logistics. And, on kind of a side note, one of the worst things that we can do is to continue to build houses along areas on Route 81 that could be more desirable for more beneficial use. So we don’t have zoning. So this area has never been cut out as an area that should be set aside because it’s the most valuable real estate in the state of WV—along route 81. And if we allow it to be covered by houses along that corridor, the consequences down the road for people living here are going to be reduced. So somehow we have to figure out how to get that right before the last pieces of land… It’s an opportunity that’s going away if we don’t do something about it as a community.

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