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The Stubblefield Institute Community Leadership & Civil Advocacy Certificate prepares students to step into community leadership roles and to effectively advocate for themselves, their families and the causes that they care about. This certificate is offered in partnership with the Shepherd University.

The CLCA Certificate is a two-level program:

  • Engaged Community Leadership & Civil Advocacy Certificate, focuses on developing general leadership and civil discourse skills and exploring civic engagement.  – Available now for all Shepherd University students.
  • Applied Community Leadership & Civil Advocacy Certificate, focuses on applying leadership and advocacy skills through identifying and implementing a social-impact project and advocacy project. – Launching in 2024. Students must complete the Engaged Community Leadership & Civil Advocacy Certificate prior to applying for the Applied Community Leadership & Civil Advocacy Certificate.

This certificate program is available to all Shepherd University students and is appropriate for all majors.   Sign up on Rampulse.

After signing up on Rampulse, students will receive a link, via email, to their personalized certificate tracking sheet.  Two tasks which should be done promptly after beginning are completion of the Personal Strengths  Assignment and attendance of an Intro to Leadership & Advocacy workshop.

The certificate program can be completed in as little as one semester, or during a student’s entire time at Shepherd University. However, after each requirement is met, the guided reflection linked to to the student’s tracking sheet should be submitted promptly. Students are encouraged to document each activity within two weeks after its completion.  Fall semester activities must be documented by January 1.  Spring semester activities must be documented by April 1.

View the get started process here.

While completing the certificate program, participants should refer to Rampulse, the student programming portal, for a full list of events which may be counted toward the certificate’s requirements.  Additionally, Stubblefield Institute qualifying events will be listed here:

Community Leadership & Civil Advocacy Certificate Events


Why participate?

Through the Stubblefield Institute’s Community Leadership & Civil Advocacy certificate program, students will be guided through a highly interactive learning process. fully integrated with Shepherd University activities on campus and in the local community. Opportunities to practice effective communication skills, network with other student and community leaders, and develop critical thinking are built into each of these focus areas of the certificate program:

Introduction to Leadership & Advocacy: Participants will develop an understanding of how leadership works, explore their personal strengths and political identities, learn about the legislative policy process, and connect with projects and professionals according to their areas of interest. 

Creating a Culture of Respect: Participants will learn how to work with and lead purpose-driven teams, building trust, navigating conflict with confidence, and practicing civil discourse across differences. 

Community Engagement: Participants will interact with student groups outside their usual interest areas, university departments beyond their majors, and local or state government agencies. Students are encouraged to diversify their relationships and expand their knowledge as they engage in community service with intention. 

Read the full list of intended outcomes here.


In addition to knowledge, experience, leadership growth, and expansive networking opportunities, upon completion of the certificate program, students will receive: 

  • Signed certificate 
  • Resume assistance  
  • Recognition on Student Recognition Day 
  • Graduation cord 

To begin the process, sign up on Rampulse today.


Listen. Learn. Engage. (LLE) works with students to develop the motivation, skills, and confidence to participate in civic engagement and civil discourse in ways that move through division into connection and understanding.

Shepherd students from all programs of study can participate in LLE programs to gain the skills needed to participate in effective political and civic engagement, which they can take into the world to create a more civil, open-minded and civically-engaged society.

Connect with Listen. Learn. Engage. on socials: FacebookTwitterYoutubePhoneEmail


The Stubblefield Institute Civility Club is a student-run organization that promotes civil discourse on campus. Throughout the academic year, participating students create opportunities to engage with other students on campus in events like Pizza and Politics, weekly Civility Challenges, and Not Your Parents’ Debate Debate, where students debate the day’s hottest topics with a creative twist. The Civility Club is a fun way to meet others who are passionate about creating a healthy culture that celebrates the sharing and authentic discussion of ideas and diverse perspectives.


Students at Shepherd University can now choose to focus their studies on political communications either as a concentration for those majoring in political science or, if not studying political science, as a minor to round out another major. The political communications concentration and minor will prepare students to be communications strategists and directors for political campaigns and lobbying groups, political consultants, commentators and analysts.

For more information, go to Political Communications Concentration


The Stubblefield Institute offers three $1,000 scholarships for students at Shepherd University who are studying political communications as political science major concentration.

The requirements for each scholarship are:

  • Declaring political communications as a major concentration prior to or at the start of the academic year during with the student would receive the scholarship.
  • Being an active participant in the Stubblefield Institute Civility Club.

Scholarships are awarded, based upon availability, to students who have expressed interest in the Political Communications concentration. Scholarships may be renewable for up to four years.