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The 2024 Newsweek/Stubblefield Institute Civility Awards

The 2024 Newsweek/Stubblefield Institute Civility Awards bring national attention to the need for civility in politics and bipartisan collaboration in government, business, and community.

Together, The Stubblefield Institute for Civil Political Communications and Newsweek are conducting a nationwide search for people who lead by example and promote civil discourse, bipartisan collaboration, and honest debate in the U.S.

The 2022 Stubblefield Institute Civility Awards recognized individuals whose commitment to civility in political communication has been demonstrated throughout their career. The 2024 program expands the award categories and national reach.

“Vigorous debate is a bedrock of democracy. In this era of fierce polarization, we at Newsweek believe the public is best served by a civil national discourse that reflects diverse perspectives. With that mission in mind, Newsweek is partnering with the Stubblefield Institute to celebrate the people and organizations who work to foster good-faith debate and bridge political and cultural divides.”

– Nancy Cooper, editor-in-chief of Newsweek

This spring, the American public was encouraged to participate by nominating deserving leaders who are demonstrating civil discourse in their field of work and a commitment to supporting the ideal of thoughtful debate and the search for common ground.  Nominations closed on March 31. These nominations are now under review.  Thank you to all who entered nominations.

Nominations were accepted in eight categories: federal elected official, state elected official, community leader, business, nonprofit organization, corporate philanthropist or foundation, individual philanthropist, and student-run media.

All nominations are now being screened by a national, bipartisan panel of judges. The winners will be announced later this year.