Civic Engagement Begins with Civil Engagement

The Institute’s mission demands participation in the public discussion of political civility. The Stubblefield Institute will develop and employ a vigorous presence within academia, the media and the public marketplace of ideas to underscore the relevance of its mission, to highlight its successes and to emphasize the work that needs to be done. Public outreach goals are discussed below.


  • “The Stubblefield Civility Awards.” Presented annually to elected leaders and members of the media for consistent displays of fairness and civility, this award will call attention to those deserving of the award and to the mission of the Institute.
  • Maintain a positive media and social media profile by publishing columns, having Institute staff and students appear on broadcast programs as commentators and seeking speaking opportunities at relevant conferences
  • Create and promote an active social media presence across all available platforms, including an active blog series and the re-publishing of pertinent articles
  • Produce “Working Together,” a mini-documentary (30 minutes) series featuring examples of historical and current bi-partisan cooperation to achieve notable outcomes