Faculty Leadership

Faculty Representatives

The Stubblefield Institute is closely knit to Shepherd University’s world class faculty in the Political Science and Communications Departments, relying especially upon Dr. Stephanie Slocum-Schaffer (Political Science), Stubblefield Institute Senior Fellow, Research, Retention and Recruitment, and Faculty Liaison, and Dr. Matthew Kushin (Communications),Stubblefield Institute Senior Fellow, Communications, Student Programs, and Scholarships, the Institute’s Faculty Representatives. Along with the Institute Director and Senior Staff, they serve as the Institute’s management team. Together, Drs. Slocum-Schaffer and Kushin, are also the point persons for faculty research, the student internship program and form the nucleus of the student scholarship committee.

Photo by Juneau Daggs
Photo by Juneau Daggs

The Shepherd Entrepreneurship and Research Corporation (SERC)

SERC supports the development of projects, partnerships and initiatives at Shepherd University, and oversees the administrative and financial operations of the Stubblefield Institute. Led by Dr. Ben Martz, Dean of the School of Business and SERC Director, and assisted by Ramona Kissell, SERC provides invaluable support to the Institute team.

Faculty Research

In order to achieve a better understanding of the growing negative discourse and polarization that dominates much of today’s political culture, the Stubblefield Institute will actively seek opportunities to create and disseminate new knowledge pertaining to civic science, political communications, and civil engagement. Research initiatives are led by Shepherd’s world class Political Science, Communications and Psychology faculties. Their findings will be released to the media and academic community.

Civility and Civic Engagement Research and Data Report

Student Periodical and Book Reviews

The Institute is committed to a review and analysis of current literature, articles and books. As these research projects and reviews are complete, they are made available to the public on the Institute website and social media platforms. Most reviews are written by Shepherd students with faculty supervision. Past reviews are listed in “What We’re Reading,” under News and Videos.

Campus Partners

In pursuit of its mission and goals, the Stubblefield Institute is thankful for the support and friendship of the Robert C. Byrd Center for Congressional History and Education, directed by Ray Smock, and the Shepherd University Lifelong Learning Program, directed by Karen Rice. We are equally thankful for the enthusiastic leadership of Dr. Mary J.C. Hendrix, the 16th President of Shepherd University.